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You need to prepare well when you set out to do business in Chile. There are things you need to be ironed out before committing yourself. The internet makes it easier for most people to trade across most borders. But some rules govern businesses in those areas. You need to read more info about these rules in a given area. As for Chile, there are a few things you need to know.

There is a certain business etiquette applicable specifically to Chile. Many of the developed world business environments are not so strict when it comes to business attire. But in Chile, there is still a high degree of formality. You therefore need to watch how you dress. You need also never to be late. You cannot afford to look any less professional. No matter who you are meeting, you are expected to shake hands. If you know them well, you are expected to exchange kisses on the cheeks, for the ladies, or embrace, for the men.
You also need to know the right people. These contacts are what will help you get things done. Their family members usually run organizations. The same is in the government offices. Special favors are thus handled expediently. This means you will open more doors by knowing people in strategic offices. You will otherwise have a hard time.

It is important that you register your business with the right authorities. There are sites where such things are done. You need to make sure you have registered with all the right bodies and agencies. You will face the wrath of the law if you miss any of them. There are recognized printing companies in which you are supposed to print out all financial records. You also need to go to the municipal offices where your business shall be based, to get a working license. You need to also arrange for insurance for the business, and it’s employees. You can read more here.

Speaking Spanish is critical if you want to get things done here. Getting fluent in it will lead you to learn more about your clients and to trade with them. Even in communication, you need to stick to a high standard of formality. IT is, therefore, customary for you not to get a fast response to an email, fax, letter, or phone call you made. This culture makes it hard for businesses to move as fast as they ought to. You, therefore, need to get into the habit of doing follow-ups.

You will have an easier time doing business in Chile if you stick to these points. You need to know more about their culture, and do your paperwork well. You will thus have a smoother time.