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Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss How to Handle a Car Accident


A car accident can often be very scary. Not only is it frightening because of the damage that may be done but also people could be injured. Once the original shock factor has worn off, clear thinking needs to come into play to know how to handle a car accident. Experienced personal injury attorneys discuss the steps you should take if you have been involved in a car accident.


The first thing that should be done if in a car accident is to move to safety if able. If the accident is in the middle of the road, the people involved should try and get out of the way of any moving vehicles.

Call the Police

People who may have witnessed the accident will likely call the police but if not, the individuals involved should do this. The police will need to come assess the scene of the wreck. A police report will be filed. This is something that will need to be picked up later.

Gather Info

Gathering info can mean many things and it does. Pictures need to be taken of the scene. This can be done if there is a camera in the vehicle or a smartphone will work as well. Write down exactly what you remember happening before, during, and after the crash. Collect names, phone numbers, insurance company, and addresses of anyone else who was involved in the crash.

File Insurance Claim

The insurance company for each person involved in the car accident will need to be contacted. A claim will be filed. The fault of the accident and the person that is determined liable will not be released until the police report comes out.

Contact an Attorney

There are many types of attorneys out there but in this case, a auto accident attorney is what is needed. The attorney can protect the rights of the people involved in the accident. They will handle everything from medical claims and reimbursements to insurance claims and reimbursement. If there are other things that need monetary attention, the attorney will also be involved in those.

It is best to seek the advice of a professional when involved in a motor vehicle accident. The insurance companies can get very hard to deal with. Having someone to handle the hassle of insurance and medical claims can be very beneficial while everyone recovers from the accident.