Learn the Basics of Maintaining Company Fleets

Many industries benefit from offering their employees company cars to use while they’re on the clock. In fact, some of these industries, such as delivery companies and emergency service providers, literally wouldn’t be able to function without doing so. Others simply offer the use of company cars as a perk to employees.

Unfortunately, ensuring that all vehicles in a company fleet are being kept up and used according to regulations can be a complex ordeal. Read on to find a few tips that can help simplify the process.

Consider Safety Procedures

Companies that offer their employees the use of fleet vehicles are responsible for ensuring their workers’ safety behind the wheel. Be sure to have a policy in place for reporting any damage that occurs while employees are driving, no matter how inconsequential it may initially seem, and ensure every driver who is offered access to a company vehicle knows what to do in the event of an accident. Keep in mind that any employees who drive recklessly or under the influence of drugs and alcohol may well place the company itself at risk for liability and ensure adequate training is routinely provided to anyone who will access the fleet cars.

Invest in Insurance

All company vehicles being driven by employees should be adequately insured. Don’t skimp on vehicle insurance as doing so can have serious financial implications for the company as well as the drivers themselves. It’s also essential to make sure that all employees who will be driving the vehicles know exactly what steps they should take to report claims to the insurance company.

Provide Adequate Maintenance

The next thing to do after purchasing a fleet of company cars and getting them insured is to get into contact with a reputable mechanic and set up a maintenance plan. The same mechanic should be able to provide both maintenance and repairs and should be available to address any damage to vehicles as soon as possible after it occurs.

Find More Tips Online

The tips above cover the basics of ensuring responsible use of company vehicles, but they are far from comprehensive. Anyone looking for more helpful advice can check out http://stumbleforward.com/2017/12/22/get-right-gear-work-vehicles/ for additional information.