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Benefits of Working for the Indian Administrative Service
The current generation is interested I getting government jobs which guarantee more job security than a hefty salary. This is after realization how disastrous it can be to get a job that pays you a hefty salary and then lose it after a few months. Besides government jobs have started to pay and this even makes the most coveted jobs. That is why the Indian administrative service has become the most coveted employer. Ranging from payments to benefits in housing electricity and transport Indian administrative service is the best employer to work for. The fact ha many people turn up for the Indian administrative service exam is proof that this is the king employer. If you do not know about Indian administrative service here are the main reasons that make it a great service to work.
The first benefit is that Indian administrative officers are very powerful. These officers have unmatched power. Ideally the state government that to get permission from the MHRD before taking an action against any Indian administrative officer. Indian administrative officers do not have the common troubles which affect those people who do not have relatives in the high most classes. This is a demonstration of the power possessed by these officers.
When you work for India administrative service you will be sure to receive a handsome pay. Indian administrative officers receive huge compensations in terms of travel,housing and telephone allowance. In most private institutions do not compensate for their workers travel housing and telephone.
Besides parents look forward to having their children recruited in the Indian administrative service. If you visit a number of Indian villages you will realize that most Indian administrative officers are seen as gods. For this reason many parents want their sons to be part of the Indian administrative service.Besides the prestige and honor associated with field is inherent.The grandeur of the an Indian administrative officer is unmatched and even more envious even for those who have graduated from reputable universities in the world.
Finally working for Indian administrative service gives you job security. When you get a job with a private company you will get a good pay but may lose your job with the slightest provocation. Those who wish to work for many years should purpose to work in the Indian administrative service.This give you peace of mind because you will not live in fear of being sacked or losing the position.
These are the benefits that should make you look forward to work for the Indian administrative service. Read more in this homepage for assistance.